MSM Host Resorts to Name Calling

MSM Host Resorts to Name Calling

( – Trump supporters are being targeted grossly and unfairly once again. It seems liberals like CNN host Don Lemon will use the most despicable heaps of trash from the past to explain, marginalize, and dismiss those who voted for President Donald Trump. On Wednesday night, January 13, Lemon compared Trump voters to the “Klan” and “Nazis.”

For Trump supporters, this is par for the course. Democrats and anti-Trumper’s called the president a racist and fascist for five years, and by association, have de facto painted his voters with the same brush as well. By doing so, the left attempted to separate Trump from his base but was unsuccessful. In November’s election, over 70 million people voted for the president.

In addition to Lemon’s horrid associations, the host incorrectly claimed the president incited protestors to riot at Capitol Hill on January 6. He blamed Trump and his voters for trying to take lawmakers’ lives and for killing a veteran and police officer.

While some Democrats claim they want to restore unity, leftist talking heads like Lemon are making it difficult, if not impossible.

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