MSM Suddenly Reporting on Hunter Biden


( – After months of dithering, suppressing, or deflecting stories about the dealings of Hunter Biden — son of presidential candidate Joe Biden — the Liberal-biased media is now reporting on some of his shady dealings in the Ukraine and China. He has been the focus of an FBI investigation since 2018 but claims that he just now, conveniently, after the presidential election, found out about it.

The Story Breaks

The New York Post ran an article on October 14, 2020, about the former VP’s son, Ukrainian energy company Burisma, political favors and dear old dad. A series of emails between the younger Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi, an advisor to the company’s board, apparently contradict statements put forth by the two Americans.

The elder Biden maintained that he and his son never had any conversations about Hunter’s foreign business dealings. If true, this assertion makes Pozharskyi’s note of gratitude for introducing the two seem a bit strange. The timing is also quite fortunate because less than a year later, the former Vice President used the power of the Obama administration to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.


Now, in the first part of December 2020, the mainstream media outlets are “discovering” the federal investigations into the younger Biden’s payments from the company and their omission from his tax returns. Some pundits are calling out the more obvious instigators, like Twitter, where any post mentioning the allegations was taken down.

After the story broke, other media outlets claimed it was a disinformation campaign by the Russians or an attempt by the Trump campaign to deflect attention from his perceived shortcomings. Perhaps the biggest problem is this: We can’t determine if or how much this may have impacted the election because most Americans never even got the chance to consider it before filling out their ballots.

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