Musk Is Holding a Hunter Biden BOMBSHELL – Is He About To Drop It?

Musk Teases Reveal of Twitter's Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Musk Teases Reveal of Twitter’s Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

( – In 2019, America experienced a new phenomenon. Social media giants decided to censor a sitting President of the United States. During the 2020 presidential election, they struck again. Just weeks before the election, The New York Post reported on the contents of a laptop once owned by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Some national security officials alleged Russian disinformation likely drove the story and labeled it an attempt by the US adversary to intervene in the election. Now, new Twitter owner Elon Musk is saying he might reveal more details about the social media company’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

On Wednesday, November 23, Musk responded to a tweet demanding he should make all internal Twitter discussions about the censorship of the laptop story public. Musk replied it was “necessary to restore public trust.” On Monday, November 28, he followed up and suggested even more details could be forthcoming.

The billionaire free speech advocate tweeted that he would soon reveal how and why Twitter censored specific individuals and said people deserve to know “what really happened.”

Over the last six months, several media outlets have acknowledged that at least some of the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop appear authentic. Nonetheless, after the suppression of The Post’s story in 2020, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the company got it wrong. He cited a policy regarding hacked materials as the company’s reason for blocking the report.

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