Nancy Pelosi Seen Maskless at Social Event, Photos Show

Nancy Pelosi Seen Maskless at Social Event, Photos Show

( – Last summer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) forced the House of Representatives to endure a mask mandate and empowered authorities to levy fines against members who violated the Speakers edict. Yet, on the other side of the building, the Senate enforces no such requirement. Pelosi hails from San Francisco, which also has some of the strictest mask mandates in the country. As seems to be the norm for her, the rules apply to everyone else but Pelosi.

Recently, pictures of a maskless Pelosi appeared from a beautiful venue at the San Francisco city hall. The Speaker officiated a billionaire heiress’s wedding. Wedding hosts required guests to show proof of vaccination and wear their masks per city code. Did they? Not according to pictures and video.

While billionaires enjoy their lavish lifestyles mask-free, kids in San Francisco must mask up from before when they get on a bus until they get off it. The pictures infuriated many who have grown weary of mandates for ordinary people as the elite live however they please.

It’s not clear how many people attended the wedding where Pelosi hobnobbed maskless in close quarters. Over 100 chairs are visible in photos published by Vogue. City code says as long as the crowd is less than 100 people and a host verifies that 100% of attendees are fully vaccinated, people don’t need to dawn face coverings. In addition to Pelosi, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed attended.

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