Nancy Pelosi STUMBLES After Simple Question From Reporter

Pelosi Stumbles at Question if Biden Should Run Again

Pelosi Stumbles After Being Asked if Biden Should Run Again

( РPresident Joe Biden is the oldest person to occupy the Oval Office in US history. If he ran and won re-election in 2024, he would be 86 years old at the conclusion of his second term. During his 2019 campaign, Biden indicated he would only serve one term if elected. Yet, in 2021 he said he would run again. Now, the media is asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) opinion on the matter, and she stumbled in her answer.

On Thursday, reporters asked Pelosi during her weekly press conference whether the president should run for re-election in 2024. She didn’t directly answer the question. Instead, the Speaker sidestepped it, praising him for defeating former President Donald Trump. Pelosi then stated she wouldn’t get involved or comment on whether Biden should run in 2024.

On Sunday, September 18, in an interview with 60 Minutes, the president said he couldn’t announce whether he would run for re-election, citing federal election laws. He said it was too early to declare but stated he intended to seek the White House again.

So, if Biden seems clear on the issue, why wasn’t Pelosi? Is she concerned an early endorsement or statement could affect Democrats’ chances of retaining their fragile House majority on November 8?

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