Nancy Pelosi’s Communion Ban Puts Pope Francis in a Difficult Situation

Nancy Pelosi's Communion Ban Puts Pope Francis in a Difficult Situation

Nancy Pelosi SHOCKER – Pope Francis Involved?

( – On Friday, May 20, San Francisco’s Archbishop issued a strong rebuke against one of America’s most influential leaders, rocking the Catholic Church. Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone said he wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) numerous times about her public position supporting abortion against Catholic doctrine. The Archbishop said that until Pelosi publicly repudiates her position on abortion and seeks forgiveness, he is banning her from receiving communion. Pelosi has not responded to the ban, but in 2008, she said it would be a severe blow to her if the church denied her communion.

The New York Intelligencer wrote that Cordileone threw down the gauntlet both at Catholics supporting a woman’s right to have to abortion and at the Vatican. Pope Francis reportedly told Pelosi and President Joe Biden that despite their abortion views, they should receive communion as good Catholics. Francis previously said that the Eucharist isn’t a prize for the perfect but medicine and nourishment for the weak.

Still, it’s not clear that the Vatican will or can do anything about the San Francisco Archbishop’s order. Within his jurisdiction, Cordileone has the responsibility to discipline Catholics. Still, it could put the Pope in a precarious place. Will he support the Catholic Church’s rules and theology regarding abortion, ignore the situation altogether as a local matter, or insist that the Archbishop reverse his decision?

Stay tuned.

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