Nancy Pelosi’s Son Linked to Violation, Daily Mail Charges

Nancy Pelosi's Son Linked to Violation, Daily Mail Charges

( – For decades, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her husband Paul made millions of dollars in the stock market. In 2011, the CBS investigative news show 60 Minutes revealed that Pelosi made questionable purchases of Visa stock while Congress worked on legislation that could harm the company. Many viewed her stock purchases as unethical after meeting with company officials while Congress debated the legislation. In 2012, Congress banned politicians from insider trading and required them to report all stock purchases to the Federal Elections Commission.

That might not have stopped Pelosi altogether. Her husband continues to make stock purchases of companies potentially affected by legislation using what’s known as stock options. It offers Pelosi the opportunity to purchase stock at today’s prices and sell it weeks or months later if the stock price goes up. Now, there are questions about Pelosi’s son and his relationships with known fraudsters. It’s leading some to wonder about investigations against Paul Pelosi, Jr.

Is Pelosi’s Son Linked to Permit Fraud?

The Daily Mail recently completed an investigation into Paul Pelosi, Jr. In December 2017, Pelosi Jr. signed a San Francisco Department of Building Inspection form. Nancy Pelosi’s son listed himself on paper as the owner of a flophouse under investigation as part of a bribery and fraud scheme by the FBI and San Francisco officials. Permit records allegedly led to public corruption charges against building inspector Bernie Curran and permit-issuer Rodrigo Santos.

Prosecutors allege Curran looked the other way on code violations that would have automatically rejected a permit in exchange for property owners’ donations to a local rugby club. Prosecutors say Santos made the arrangements for thousands of dollars in donations.

How does Pelosi Jr. fit into the mix?

Apparently, text messages exist between Santos and an individual identified as Client 9. In the message, Santos told the client to make a $1,000 donation to the rugby club. Client nine texted a picture back of a $1,500 check made out to the club to remove the violations against a Utah Street residential hotel. The definition of a flophouse is a cheap hotel.

While Curran and Santos are due in federal court in the coming days, some are connecting the dots and believe Pelosi Jr. is Client 9. The newly revealed texts increased the speculation as the FBI recently interviewed the House Speaker’s son in connection with the hotel.

There’s More…

This inquiry isn’t the only investigation open against Paul Pelosi Jr. Apparently, the Speaker’s 53-year-old is in cahoots with some interesting characters. Investigators believe Paul Pelosi Jr. involved himself in the past with five different organizations currently under investigation by the Feds over potential ties to convicted criminals and fraudsters.

Federal officials haven’t charged Pelosi Jr. with any wrongdoing. Yet, a paper trail may exist to connect him to those who perpetrated fraud. Is Pelosi Jr. in on any illegal activity?

Stay tuned.

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