New 2024 Candidate Warns U.S. In Jeopardy

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday Vivek Ramaswamy who recently announced his bid for the White House told Newsmax that he was running because the United States was going through a “national identity crisis” that strong conservative values could fix.

During the interview on “Eric Bolling the Balance” Ramaswamy said the “national identity crisis” the U.S. was going through meant that “faith, patriotism, hard work” had disappeared and instead the focus was on “’woke-ism,’ ‘climate-ism,’ [and] gender ideology.” He added that created the ground for the conservative movement in the country to come in and fill the void that has been created through the focus on the “woke agenda.”

The author and entrepreneur have said that his campaign is going to be focused on conservative values which served as the backbone for the nation. He added that those same values are currently lacking. He noted that he is not going to be “channeling”  anybody else’s agenda, but rather is going to be using an agenda and vision that he has spent the past three years developing. He further added that he was looking forward to sharing his vision with the nation.

Ramaswamy is the third GOP candidate to place a bid on the White House in 2024. Former President Donald Trump was the first person to launch a presidential campaign for 2024, followed by former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Ramaswamy has noted that Trump’s 2016 campaign and tenure as President were his inspiration for placing a bid for the White House.


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