New Amazon Policy Sparks Political Controversy

New Amazon Policy Sparks Political Controversy

Amazon’s New Policy Is A National Scandal

( – On Monday, May 2, the US Supreme Court experienced a massive shock after POLITICO published an exposé about a leaked opinion draft in an abortion case the court heard in December. Associate Justice Samuel Alito penned the draft which said the Supreme Court must overturn Roe v. Wade (1973) and return the issue of abortion to the people’s representatives in the various states and territories. At the center of the debate over abortion was whether the Warren Court violated the 10th Amendment by nationalizing abortion as law.

While several court observers expect the Supreme Court to overrule Roe and return the issue to states, many conservative states weren’t waiting for that eventuality. In the last few years, Texas and Mississippi broke the mold of restrictive abortion laws. As the country waits on the high court, 26 states will immediately move to ban or restrict abortion if the Supreme Court overturns the controversial 1973 ruling.

It seems that states aren’t the only ones proactively engaging in the abortion debate. So are businesses. Among them is Amazon, which just released a controversial means for employees to get an abortion no matter their location in the country.

Amazon Moves to Enable Abortion

For some time, Amazon has been a reliable advocate of numerous left-wing policies. Now it’s entering the abortion fray. As the second-largest private employer in the United States, the massive company told workers that it would cover up to $4,000 in expenses per year for an individual who needs an abortion as the news broke of the Supreme Court draft opinion broke.

If you’re an Amazon employee, you can now get the money for travel expenses if an abortion provider is more than 100 miles from your home. It’s what’s known as tourism abortion. If half the states don’t allow or restrict abortions, Amazon will pay for travel to another nearby state that allows the procedure. The $4,000 would cover travel expenses to help employees circumvent pro-life laws. Additionally, employees who have Premera or Aetna plans would receive the benefit for covered dependents.

Some conservatives say it’s time to stop supporting Amazon with their dollars, due to the company’s support of liberal policies such as abortion and censorship.

Amazon Joins Left-Leaning Businesses

Amazon isn’t the first company to initiate a tourism abortion policy, but it is the largest. Yelp’s chief diversity officer Miriam Warren told the New York Times that reproductive health is vital to one’s success in the workplace. Apple CEO Tim Cook told concerned employees that the company’s health insurance plans cover out-of-state medical care if it’s not available where they live, insinuating that abortion is a provided health care expense for insurance purposes.

Joining the list were Levi’s, Citigroup, Match, and Dell. Salesforce said if an employee’s state doesn’t provide abortion services, it will help them relocate to one that does. Lyft said it would cover any losses by drivers in Texas who face lawsuits for breaking Texas’ abortion law by driving, therefore assisting an individual in obtaining an abortion. Additionally, Lyft health insurance policies will pay for an employee’s abortion. Uber signed on to an identical agreement as Lyft.

So, the left-wing corporate response is to either fund abortion indirectly, or willingly violate state laws and pay the fines.

Stay tuned. This story is likely to evolve.

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