New Ghislaine Maxwell Photos Show Her Moving Girls Around Royalty

New Ghislaine Maxwell Photos Show Her Moving Girls Around Royalty

( – New revelations are coming out about Jeffery Epstein’s former girlfriend and confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell. The news comes as Maxwell’s trial as his criminal accomplice concludes. On Monday, December 20, Judge Alison Nathan read the jury about 80 pages of instructions before dismissing them to decide if the socialite is innocent or guilty on sex charges linked to grooming underage girls for sexual exploits by Epstein and other wealthy businessmen.

On Saturday, December 18, a picture revealed Maxwell looking on while three young girls targeted men at a party attended by Prince Charles in November 2020. The image is important because they question how close Epstein and Maxwell were to the royal family. While the picture will not see the light of day in Maxwell’s case, upcoming civil cases could use it, including at least one involving a royal family member.

Could the Picture Reveal How Close the Duo Was to Royalty?

The picture shows an unnamed broker with the three girls and Maxwell off to the side at Red Cub nightclub in London. Next door, Prince Charles was premiering the new movie, Charlie’s Angels with Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore. The broker recollected he was appalled Maxwell was rubbing shoulders with guests as the girls asked men to buy them drinks or go somewhere.

The broker said after every man in the room rebuffed the young women, Maxwell ushered the girls away. Others there that evening said Maxwell appeared to be in charge of them.

Maxwell attended the event at the Red Cub 18 days after she and Epstein were reportedly guests of Prince Andrew at a Los Angeles event. The couple also attended a pheasant shoot in Norfolk with the prince the following month.

Is This Bad News for Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew is already in hot water with the royal family. Could this make matters worse? Speculation is swirling: If the jury finds Maxwell guilty, could she start talking about what she knows to get either a reduced sentence or nicer prison accommodations? US prosecutors are looking at more potential charges against people close to Epstein and Maxwell, and they may have targeted Prince Andrew.

Prosecutors brought up Prince Andrew’s name three times during Maxwell’s trial. Epstein’s former pilot mentioned the prince and confirmed Andrew flew on Epstein’s plane. One of the young women who worked for Maxwell and Epstein alleges the couple forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew three times, one time at Maxwell’s home in London.

Even after Maxwell’s case concludes and a jury renders a verdict, the socialite may still have more to reveal.

Stay tuned.

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