New Mexico Regrets Joe Biden’s Plans for Oil and Gas

New Mexico Regrets Joe Biden's Plans for Oil and Gas

( – During the Democratic primary and general election, Joe Biden boldly said he would end fossil fuels. Should it be any surprise that he’s fulfilling his campaign promise? New Mexico’s top economic driver is oil and gas. Now that President Biden’s 60-day pause on oil and gas extraction is in full swing, many are concerned about the economic implications to the state despite voting for him.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, New Mexico owns 7% of the US oil reserves, mostly on public lands impacted by Biden’s order. It’s the third-largest oil-producing state in the nation. New Mexico’s population is small, and the oil and gas industry employs a large number of workers. There are approximately 100,000 jobs at stake.

Republicans are denouncing the move and say the decision will hurt New Mexico’s flailing economy even more. Just across the border in Texas, most of the oil drilling and extraction is on private land that’s unaffected by Biden’s orders. Most of the jobs will likely head across the state border.

America may revert from being energy independent for the first time in decades under former President Trump to dependent, once again, on Middle East oil.

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