New Ruling Means Democrats Don’t Need GOP Support to Pass Laws

New Ruling Means Democrats Don't Need GOP Support to Pass Laws

( – For two years, Democrats hoped and prayed they would get full control of the Congress and White House to enact their left-wing agenda. Now, they will do everything they can to ensure Senate Republicans can’t derail their plans. In March, the Senate Democrats passed the COVID-19 relief package using a budget tool known as reconciliation. Congress is only supposed to use it once per fiscal year and only for budgetary matters, but that doesn’t matter to the Left.

Thanks to a new ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian, the Democrats can re-open a previous reconciliation bill and add the infrastructure bill. Thus, they avoid needing a single GOP vote. This new tactic is a way for them to kill the filibuster without actually killing the filibuster. In the process, it suppresses the voices of Republican representatives and their millions of collective constituents.

In theory, there’s nothing to stop Democrats from doing this indefinitely. As a result, they block Republicans from having any kind of say in legislation. That is unless the GOP wants to vote for their radical agenda.

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