New SCOTUS Ruling Could Transform America

Legal Experts Predict End to Affirmative Action

Legal Experts Predict End to Affirmative Action

( – Are colleges and universities color-blind when it comes to their admissions policies? According to some, they aren’t, and affirmative action programs are at the center of the debate. On Monday, October 31, the US Supreme Court heard a second case about college admissions and race. George Washington University law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley said those challenging affirmative action had a good day in court, and other legal experts agreed the conservative wing of the court could end the practice.

Students for Fair Admissions brought two college affirmative action cases before the High Court. A few minutes into oral arguments, Harvard attorney Seth Wasman got into heated exchanges with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

When Alito challenged the attorney about why Harvard denied entry to Asian Americans to schools against others with lower application scores, Waxman didn’t provide them with an explanation. Instead, he appeared to downplay race as a factor in admission policy by suggesting it was as applicable as a band needing an oboe player.

Roberts said the US didn’t fight a civil war about oboe players. Instead, it was to eliminate racial discrimination. Turley said it was the chief argument in the case.

Manhattan Institute director of constitutional studies Ilya Shapiro said Roberts appeared to be on the side of “legal equality” over “equity and divisive racial spoils.” The chief justice could be the deciding vote as the three liberal justices are in lockstep to maintain the practice.

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