New Voting Law Seems To Be Proving Republicans Right as Voter Turnout Surges

New Voting Law Seems to Be Proving Republicans Right As Voter Turnout Surges

New Voting RECORD Has Democrats Running Scared

( – Georgia Republicans passed election reform laws aimed at making voting easier and cheating harder in 2021. In turn, Democrats mocked the bill. President Joe Biden called the legislation racist and labeled it asĀ  “Jim Crow 2.0.” Corporations got in on the act and condemned the new law, and Major League Baseball even moved the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver as a result. The general consensus from Democratic lawmakers and activists was that the new laws would help aid voter suppression, yet, after the election on Tuesday, May 24, Democrats may be the ones eating crow.

Fox News reported that almost 800,000 voters cast a ballot in early voting. That’s three times the number from 2018 and much higher than in the 2020 presidential election year. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said the early voting tally and increase in minority voting proved that Biden and others offered a false narrative to Americans.

The Washington Post talked with 80-year-old Patsy Reid. As a Black woman in Georgia, Reid said the ease of voting and the respect that election officials showed her as an American citizen surprised her.

So, apparently, Democrats were either ill-informed, or on the other hand, they purposely tried to mislead America as they tried to pass federal election reforms to federalize election laws that would have stripped states of their Constitutional election powers.

Whichever it is, you decide.

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