NFL Star Raises Questions About Biden’s Faith

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, Super Bowl champion kicker Harrison Butker used his Benedictine College commencement speech to slam President Joe Biden over his “delusional” stance on abortion.

Butker pointed out that Biden, who claims to be Catholic, has been very vocal about supporting pro-choice. He continued by arguing that he was sure there were many people who believed that it was possible to be both Catholic and pro-choice and that Biden was not alone in this. 

As he pointed out, the person behind the pandemic lockdowns, and the people that have been pushing forward gender ideologies that are dangerous to American youth, have all been Catholic, which shows that religion alone is not enough. He continued by pushing for the graduates to understand and no longer pretend that being in the same church is enough. 

He continued by noting that the world around them was pushing that everyone should keep their belief systems to themselves and that people were afraid to speak out when those beliefs went against “the tyranny of diversity, equity, and inclusion.” However, as he argued they spoke the truth which now put them in the minority. 

Butker also attacked Biden over the “poor leadership” which he argued had a negative impact on their lives. He pointed out that while the pandemic had maintained an important role in the formative years of the graduating class, it has been the poor leadership that had negatively impacted them on various issues including IVF, abortion, euthanasia, and the culture war. 

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