Nightmarish Airbnb Stay for This Renter

Nightmarish Airbnb Stay for This Renter

( – For the majority of people who use Airbnb, it’s a positive experience. Many prefer to use the service since it places them in a house or nice property away from tourist areas or hotels. In some instances, people save significant amounts of money too. However, for one woman, the experience was an ordeal.

Noel Short needed a place for a two-month stay while she fulfilled her college internship. What she found on Airbnb sounded good. It was a room in a house the property owners described as a place where vacationers could relax and enjoy their time away from home. But, according to Short, it was far from it.

What Short discovered was a small, dark, smelly basement room. There were no windows or outside doors. There was no air conditioning or heating, not even a vent fan.

When Short decided it was time to go due to the horrid conditions, the host refused to refund her money for the unused days. So, happy to be out but frustrated at the hundreds of dollars she lost, the college intern moved out of her dungeon.

When looking for an Airbnb, be sure to read the reviews and examine the pictures provided carefully.

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