NYC Israel Supporters Call Sen. Schumer a ‘Traitor’ and Demand Resignation

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – On Friday Israel supporters gathered outside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) office in Manhattan in protest chanting “traitor” and for him to resign after he had backstabbed Israel. Schumer is currently the highest-ranking Jewish politician in the country and he has remained relatively silent following the nationwide outbreak of antisemitism. 

Around 40 demonstrators had gathered outside Schumer’s office only days after the politician had told reporters that he had faith in President Joe Biden’s decision to withhold weapons shipments to Israel because of the new operations from Israel in Rafah, a city in Gaza. 

The crowd met outside his office and was chanting for his resignation. This is not the first controversy relating to Israel that has surrounded Schumer in recent months, as two months ago he had also pushed for Israel to have a new election and had argued on the Senate floor that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had “lost his way” and was standing in the way of achieving peace in the region. 

On Wednesday during a news conference, Schumer was called to answer whether he believed it was an appropriate move from the Biden administration to hold up the weapons delivery to Israel while they were assessing the country’s military operation into Rafah. In response, he had argued that America and Israel have an “ironclad” relationship and that he had faith in the actions taken by the administration. 

One woman had told the Post that Schumer was a “sniveling coward” for not giving his support to Israel ahead of its siege of the city of Rafah. She had argued that Schumer was not moved by anything and that he was not a representative of American Jews.

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