NYC Mayor Asks FEMA To Ban This

Krystalb97, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Mayor Eric Adams is urging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to prohibit the busing operations that many other states have started in order to transport migrants to New York City.

This past week alone there were more than 1,300 migrants transported to New York City over the span of three days. Adams in an internal budget briefing on Wednesday pushed for FEMA to take action against those cities which were using federal grant money to bus migrants to other cities. He further noted that New York could not bear the cost of aiding all the migrants.

The surge in migrants reaching New York City first started on April 19. Since then, approximately 2,300 have been shipped to the Big Apple, while eight new emergency shelters have been set up in order to accommodate the migration surge.

Adams has been pushing for the White House to provide assistance and help ease the financial burden that New York is taking on by sheltering asylum seekers. In his latest plea, Adams called for them to look more closely at federal spending as FEMA is preparing to release $800 million in migrant-related federal aid by the end of next month.

New York has applied for $650 million of that federal cash release, which they are hoping will be instrumental in helping them fill the gaps in their budget.

A Source noted that there has been a push lately to ensure that those cities receiving FEMA funding are using it properly and are not using the funds for busing operations that cause further strain in other cities, adding that those not sheltering asylum seekers should not be allowed to get FEMA funding.

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