NYC Reaching “Breaking Point” as Immigrants Flood the City

NYC Reaching

This Could Be the FINAL STRAW for New York City

( – the US Customs and Border Patrol reported that its agents encountered nearly 2 million illegal immigrants from October 1, 2021, through July 2022. Illegal immigration has hit Texas especially hard. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) began busing migrants to the nation’s capital to get the attention of President Joe Biden. In early August, he began sending some to New York City, a sanctuary city. In response, Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently said the 11,000 migrants who arrived from Texas were stressing the city’s resources to the “breaking point.”

On Wednesday, September 14, Adams expressed deep frustration over Abbott’s busing policy. He said NYC couldn’t provide shelter for a group of 60 illegal immigrants. As thousands more come into the Big Apple, Adams suggested the council might need to reassess a law that requires officials to provide shelter if someone requests it. The Legal Aid Society criticized the mayor’s statement, saying there‚Äôs plenty of space for migrants and emphasizing it will sue city officials who don’t meet their legal obligations quickly.

In July, Gov. Abbott issued a statement countering Adam’s criticisms that he was creating a burden on the Big Apple’s resources. The governor said the mayor’s problem wasn’t with Texas. Instead, the Lone Star State governor claimed the Biden administration’s unwillingness to follow the law and secure the southern border was the issue’s root. He stated the immigration crisis had overrun border communities, and the administration ignored their pleas for help.

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