Obama’s Past Resurfaces, Leaves America Shocked

Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsOfficial White House Photo by Pete Souza

(TheRedWire.com) – In 1982, former President Obama sent a letter to his ex-girlfriend Alex McNear, whom he had dated at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

In the newly released redacted letter, Obama, who had been 21 at the time, had written that in his imagination, he “loves making love to men daily.” The letter with the confession was released by the New York Post.

In the letter, Obama shared some of his thoughts about homosexuality, stating that it was a way of detaching from the present reality and escaping from the “endless farce of earthly life.”

The letter, which is more than four decades ago, was given to his former girlfriend and recently came to life due to an extensive interview by David Garrow, a biographer. During the interview, Obama talked more about his perspective of an androgynous mindset, arguing that he believes in looking at people as a whole rather than placing them in different gender categories.

McNear has selected certain parts of the letter to be redacted as they contain more explicit information. Obama writes in the letter that he has accepted that he is male, which is the identity he chooses to live with. He added that this is his body and physicality in this life, and he decided to move forward with it.

Garrow gained access to the unredacted version of the letter, with passages from it being shared in his biography “Rising Star.” The letter is kept at Emory University and unavailable for removal or photography.

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