Obama’s Return to the White House May Have Hurt Biden

Obama's Return to the White House May Have Hurt Biden

(TheRedWire.com) – On Tuesday, April 6, President Joe Biden invited former President Barack Obama to the White House to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Obamacare. Yet, some political scientists suggested the event had less to do with commemorating Obamacare and was more about trying to boost Biden’s approval ratings ahead of the midterm elections. Obama is still wildly popular among Democrats, while Biden struggles to reach 40% in approval ratings.

Some question whether Obama helped Biden much. As the gleeful, exuberant, and energetic former president communicated with the media and mingled with the crowd, Biden often looked old, frail, and lost next to Obama. The visual and audio of the two men also showed extreme contrasts between the two men. Obama is 20 years younger than Biden, and at moments it seemed noticeable.

Obama might not have helped Biden much from the podium. Over Biden’s long political career, he’s been a gaffe machine. Unfortunately, his propensity for blunders has punctuated his experience as the nation’s chief executive. The former president took a light-hearted verbal jab at Biden when he called him vice president at one point in the speech.

Republicans argued Obama’s visit to the White House likely wouldn’t help Democrats retain their majorities in Congress in the November midterms. Pundits argue the combination of the Democrats’ failed 2021 legislative agenda that sought to transform America’s society, economy, and government and Biden’s mistakes over the last year may have doomed Democrats with voters.

We’ll find out for sure in November.

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