Ocasio-Cortez Co-Wrote a Letter Telling City Not to Hire Law Enforcement

Ocasio-Cortez Wrote a Letter Telling City Not to Hire Law Enforcement

(TheRedWire.com) – It appears the far-left is preparing to go to war with Democratic moderates and the Biden administration over their agenda to defund the police. On Wednesday, April 13, the Democratic Socialists of America’s New York City chapter slammed Mayor Eric Adams for increasing the police presence at subway stations, calling the police presence bloated and failing to deter a subway attack that gripped the nation. The Democratic Socialist response harkens back to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) criticism of police in a 2019 letter.

On December 17, 2019, AOC co-wrote a letter to then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) opposing a plan by the MTA to hire 500 additional police officers to patrol New York’s subway system. Several other New York lawmakers signed the letter including Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the head of the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

AOC said the MTA could better use the money on maintenance and service improvements instead of public safety in the 2019 letter. In addition, the far-left Democratic Socialist added that a stronger police presence would harm communities of color.

The letter re-surfaced after news reports revealed that crime jumped 55% over April 2021.

What do you think of AOC’s longstanding efforts to defund the police and block new hiring measures?

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