Oil Spill Closes Down Beaches in Southern California

Oil Spill Closes Down Beaches in Southern California

(TheRedWire.com) – Huntington Beach, California, has some of the West Coast’s most amazing beaches. Unfortunately, Amplify Energy Corporation notified the US Coast Guard about a significant oil spill approximately 4.5 miles off the shoreline around 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 2. By Sunday morning, oil reached the shore and contaminated area wetlands.

Amplify Energy Corp officials later said they capped the pipeline responsible for the leak and stopped more oil from spilling from a leak. Local authorities closed area beaches over concerns regarding public safety. The Coast Guard also sent equipment to the region to help contain the spill and prevent the oil from contaminating an ecological reserve and local wetlands. As of Sunday evening, the Coast Guard said it removed 3,150 gallons of oil from the water.

The spill is affecting wildlife and humans alike. Dead birds and fish have washed ashore. Officials observed Dolphins swimming through the oil slicks on the surface of the ocean. Surfers also reported becoming ill from vapor in the air or physical contact with the oil.

Authorities and volunteers will take animals impacted by the oil spill to Pacific Marine Mammal Center and SeaWorld San Diego for rehabilitation. It could take days or even weeks to assess the full damage to the environment and animals caused by the massive leak. It’s unknown when beaches and activities will reopen.

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