One America News Network Dropped From Yet Another Carrier

One America News Network Dropped From Yet Another Carrier

Right-Wing Network CANCELLED – Democrats Are Cheering

( – DirecTV recently dropped conservative station One American News Network (OAN) from its channel lineup. That move left Verizon as the only significant means for viewers to watch OAN. Yet, starting July 31, the company said it would also drop the right-leaning news site from its programming.

Verizon told The Daily Beast that it was negotiating with OAN just like it does every other channel when a contract is about to expire. Company officials said they focused negotiations exclusively on economic issues. They told the conservative news outlet they didn’t want to agree to OAN’s terms.

OAN expressed another point of view. Host Pearson Sharp claimed that Verizon and other corporate left-wing companies were attacking the station over its conservative views. He added that Verizon was participating in toxic cancel culture despite the news outlet enjoying a good working relationship with the platform in the past.

Sharp also said there wasn’t any reason to suspect it would change until it came time for Verizon to renew its deal with OAN. The host said the network offered the cable carrier a substantial discount to keep them on the air. Still, the entertainment platform refused, insisting that it would charge customers more money if they made OAN an add-on service.

In the wake of the decision, Pearson encouraged viewers to cancel their Verizon subscriptions and said the company was pushing a “Marxist agenda.”

OAN will become a predominantly online platform effective August 1.

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