Outrage Hits After Bill Clinton Gets Random Gift From Law School

Outrage Hits After Bill Clinton Gets Random

(TheRedWire.com) – Most of the time, retired presidents get more popular the longer they are away from the White House. That doesn’t seem to be the case with former President Bill Clinton. As it did during his presidency, controversy continues to follow the former president.

Before becoming president in 1993, Clinton served as Arkansas’s governor. Many universities honor significant figures with notable titles, such as Teaching Chairs and Awards. The University of Arkansas is embroiled in a controversy after Bill Clinton withdrew his name for consideration for a Teaching Chair to be named after the 42nd president.

Despite Clinton’s withdrawal, emeritus professor John DiPippa began calling the teaching position the “William J. Clinton Professor of Constitutional Law and Public Policy” despite the lack of formal naming rights.

Many at the school raised the question: Is it appropriate for a law school to honor a lawyer and former president after the bar suspended his law license for five years due to lying and contempt of court?

In addition, at least one professor expressed concern about Clinton’s scandals, including the enactment of laws that led to higher incarceration rates among blacks than the rest of the public, the White Water controversy and repeated sexual harassment or assault scandals. It appears that the staff didn’t settle the debate, but many school faculty don’t want the position named after Clinton.

Will the university succumb to political pressure despite Clinton’s withdrawal? Look for updates on this developing story.

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