Partisan Divides Deepen Under Joe Biden’s Reign

Partisan Divides Deepen Under Joe Biden's Reign

( – In Joe Biden’s January 20 inaugural speech, he promised to unite the country and work with Republicans. Closing in on his 100th day in office, he’s done none of that. Yet, he’s done more to divide the country than to unite it as he pursues the Radical Left’s agenda.

As of April 28, Biden has not reached a single compromise with Republicans. He’s more apt to go it alone with Democrats and cut the GOP out completely. He gladly did it on COVID-19 relief, and he’ll recommend it again on the infrastructure package despite his desire to strike a deal.

What does striking a deal mean? So far, it’s a take it or leave it mentality that’s made partisan divisions wider than ever. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Biden performed a bait and switch. He promised bipartisanship in the campaign but switched to the socialist agenda after the inauguration.

Biden has also “redefined” what bipartisanship means. It’s no longer about gathering support from across the aisle for proposed legislation. Instead, the administration argues that public support is bipartisan regardless of whether the legislators support it or not. By attempting to bypass Republican lawmakers, his administration is only making the partisan tensions worse.

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