Pelosi Body Cam Footage Reveals ALL

Body Cam Footage From Pelosi Attack Changes Narrative

Body Cam Footage From Pelosi Attack Changes Narrative

( – The case involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband keeps changing. In October, 42-year-old David DePape attacked Paul Pelosi in his home, injuring and sending him to the hospital. Since then, doctors have retracted three of four media reports. Now, there’s this… In a court filing, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said police opened the door of the powerful couple’s San Francisco home and found DePape beating the 82-year-old man with a hammer. It appears that police body cam footage shows an entirely different narrative.

Local NBC Bay Area news said the San Francisco district attorney’s office contraindicated the DOJ. Local NBC reporter Bigad Shaban stated he personally spoke with someone who had seen the police officer’s body cam video footage of the event. Local officials have refused to release the video. Shaban noted the video showed officers walking to the door, knocking on it, and backing away. It then showed Paul Pelosi opening the door and engaging in a short conversation with them just before DePape attacked him with a hammer.

Shaban talked with San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. He reported that she didn’t deny the accounts described in the video coverage.

In early November, NBC Today Show correspondent Miguel Almaguer shared a similar version of the story. He said Pelosi’s husband didn’t declare an emergency to the police or try to flee. Soon after the report, NBC suspended Almaguer and retracted the story.

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