Pelosi Ignores Top GOP Leader

Pelosi Ignores Top GOP Leader

( – It’s not often that a member of Congress breaks a record, but when they do, it’s generally applauded by one side and dismissed by the other. In this case, perhaps it shouldn’t be brushed aside by either. On Thursday night, November 18, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) did the unthinkable in Democrats’ eyes. He essentially filibustered a House vote. Democrats were prepared to pass their partisan Build Back Better legislation, but McCarthy had other plans.

In the House, there is a procedure known as the “Magic Minute.” It allows the majority and minority leader to speak for as long as he or she wants at the end of debate on the House floor. McCarthy spoke for nearly 8 hours until the wee hours of the morning. On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked her thoughts after the Minority Leader broke her speech record. Needless to say, she ignored everything McCarthy said.

Pelosi Dismisses McCarthy and Republicans

In 2018, Pelosi broke the record speech length as she spoke about undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children. In McCarthy’s case, he made a lengthy appeal to Democrats to not pass a reckless bill that could overheat America’s already struggling economy, but they refused to listen. At approximately 8:00 am on Friday, House Democrats voted to approve the measure and sent the Build Back Better bill to the Senate, where it’s likely to get gutted.

When asked how she feels about McCarthy breaking her record, Pelosi was dismissive. She stated that she barely noticed his speech and didn’t pay any attention to it. The Speaker added that she doesn’t listen to most GOP speeches because they don’t contain any meaning or fact.

Pelosi Should’ve Listened Before. She Might Have Saved American’s Pocketbooks

Pelosi’s words shouldn’t be surprising. In March, Republicans warned Democrats they were taking a risky gamble carrying out a partisan $2 trillion COVID relief plan. As the economy was recovering from the pandemic, the GOP warned that flooding that much money into the economy could cause it to overheat. Republicans were right, but that didn’t stop Democrats from passing a second bill on Friday that could make matters worse.

Republicans weren’t the only ones who warned Pelosi not to pass the partisan COVID relief bill or the recently passed Build Back Better proposal. Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Larry Summers cautioned against the measure in February. He specifically stated that added COVID relief would cause inflation. Pelosi ignored him as well. In Mid-November, former Obama Treasury official Steven Rattner warned that passing the Democrats social and climate change bill would make a bad problem worse for America.

So, for the second time, with inflation spiking, Pelosi says she’s right, and Republicans are wrong. She boldly makes that claim despite the evidence America is experiencing an economic downturn in real-time. After the House passed the Build Back Better bill, Pelosi told reporters that members of Congress would tell their kids and grandkids they were there on a historic day.

However, it appears the Speaker didn’t finish the statement. She should have finished by stating they’ll tell their kids that she “ignored the warnings from leading economists on both sides of the aisle and the GOP lawmakers.”

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