Pelosi’s Control Over House Shrinks

Pelosi's Control Over House Shrinks

( – Since January, House Democrats have worked to pass some of the most far-left legislation in US history. From the COVID-19 relief package that was barely a relief (and filled with pet projects) to HR1’s outlandish attempt at a federal takeover of state election systems, Democrats are walking a balance beam thanks to razor-thin margins in the House. The beam just became a tightrope as they move to pass President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal.

On Wednesday morning, April 14, Julia Letlow (R-LA) was sworn in and took her seat in Congress. Letlow won a special election after her husband, Luke Letlow, passed away in September. Five days after becoming the Representative-Elect, he succumbed to COVID-19. Mrs. Letlow succeeds her late husband.

Letlow’s swearing-in leaves the Democrats a two-vote advantage. Their slim majority could temporarily dash the left’s hopes of passing sweeping legislation that moderates may abandon. However, in two of three upcoming House special elections, Democrats are favored to win. The good news is that anything can happen in politics, especially during these unique times when one party entertains discussion about law enforcement defunding and elimination and treats multi-trillion-dollar legislation like monopoly money.

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