Pelosi’s PAC Makes $105 Million TV Purchase

Pelosi's PAC Makes $105 Million TV Purchase

( – House Democrats suffered crushing defeats after political analysts predicted they would pick up seats during the 2020 elections. Instead, Republican incumbents protected their seats and flipped enough blue seats to give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) one of the smallest majorities in nearly a century. Democrats say they won’t fall into the same trap again. The House Majority PAC, affiliated with Pelosi, is prepared to spend nearly $105 million in advertising defending House Democrats’ razor-thin five-seat majority.

New ad buys suggest Democrats will try to help their most vulnerable incumbent members who are targets of the GOP. The House Majority PAC secured $86 million in television ads across 50 markets. In addition, Pelosi affiliated PAC reserved $15.8 million in digital ad spending. Despite the massive windfall spending, it may not be enough to help Democrats in the midterm elections. Over the last six months, voters expressed concerns to pollsters about the Democratic plans for the future.

The GOP lead has gone from an 11-point advantage at the end of October last year to a whopping 17-point lead based on a recent NBC News poll. The last time the enthusiasm gap was this wide was in 2010. Democrats lost over 60 seats in the House that year.

Evidence is mounting Democrats could get shellacked in November, but as the old saying goes – it isn’t over until it’s over.

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