Pentagon Intelligence Officer Resigns Over Israel-Hamas War

U.S. Navy photo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Maj. Harrison Mann of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) resigned on Nov. 1 in protest of the support given by the Biden administration to Israel in its war against Gaza. In his resignation letter, which was released on LinkedIn publicly on Monday, he argued that he could no longer remain quiet. 

The letter had first been submitted on Nov. 1 and had then been distributed internally on April 16 before it was released to the public. In the letter, he argued that the unquestionable support of the Biden administration to Israel has “empowered” the killing of Palestinian civilians. As he argues in the letter, the unconditional support given by the U.S. to one of its allies has encouraged the escalation of the war on a wider scale and has allowed civilians in Palestine to be killed and starved. 

The DIA, where Mann had been an executive officer, is an organization tasked with collecting military intelligence. Mann has been serving in the U.S. Army for 13 years, with close to half of those having been spent specializing in Africa and the Middle East. Previously he had also served in the Tunis U.S. Embassy, according to the information on his LinkedIn account. 

Mann argued that everyone in the army had signed up to serve, knowing that there would be times when they would be called to support politics that they were not completely convinced about. However, as he pointed out at some point, regardless of the justification, “you’re either advancing a system” that allows for children to be left to starve or not. 

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