People Denied Life Saving Healthcare for Not Getting COVID Vaccine

People Denied Life Saving Healthcare for Not Getting COVID Vaccine

( – The pressure to force people to get vaccinated is ramping up. Over the last few months, President Joe Biden determined he couldn’t mandate compulsory COVID inoculations while two of the three vaccines in use are only approved under Emergency Use Authorizations (EAUs) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, that status has not stopped cities, employers, businesses, and now, doctors from denying services to those who remain unvaccinated, essentially imposing an unofficial vaccine mandate.

Caught up in the fray are those who may be vulnerable to vaccinations due to chronic health conditions. One would think doctors would be the most understanding. Unfortunately, for one Alaska woman, that isn’t the case. Courtney Chavez suffers from numerous autoimmune diseases, blood clotting diseases, and bleeding disorders. Despite her doctor’s intimate knowledge of her situation and sensitivities to treatments, the doctor notified Chavez the office would drop her from their service because she is not vaccinated.

Approximately 170 million people have taken the COVID vaccines in the United States. However, other than Pfizer’s vaccine, which just received FDA approval on August 23, these shots are still experimental under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization and could carry some risks. As a result, people like Ms. Chavez who accept vaccinations might be at serious risk of long-term side effects or significant medical problems. Unfortunately, the Alaska woman isn’t alone. Doctors across the country are refusing to care for unvaccinated patients at an alarming rate.

The question is, are doctors behaving ethically by refusing to treat patients with real medical issues despite a lack of vaccination?

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