Pfizer Under Fire After Terrifying Video Resurfaces on Twitter

Pfizer Under Fire After Terrifying Video Resurfaces on Twitter

Pfizer Unveils Horrifying COMPUTER CHIP Device – Spread The Word

( – As technology continues to advance, there is no lack of conspiracy theories about how the government or corporations could use it to spy on Americans. Perhaps Americans hold few things more private than their health care. Yet, the pharmaceutical industry seems compelled to see how it might use tracking technology in medications to monitor patients in various situations, at least in some instances.

On Monday, May 23, Western Journal reported on a viral video making its way across social media. It shows Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sharing how the company created a new technology he called a biological chip. Bourla said that when the chip dissolves in someone’s stomach, it sends a signal saying that the patient took the medication. The pharmaceutical CEO added that the technology has widespread applications, including alerting insurance carriers that the patients are taking medicine as prescribed.

The video’s reappearance comes two years after millions of Americans received a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. According to a USA Today fact check, the vaccine does not include a tracker.

Still, there are more questions than answers. Would the government approve of such a thing? How would the technology comply with HIPAA regulations that protect patient privacy? Ultimately, does the video give critics of the COVID vaccine one more reason to be concerned?

You decide.

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