Piers Morgan Says FBI Raid Could Work in Biden’s Favor

Piers Morgan Says FBI Raid Could Work in Biden’s Favor

Ron DeSantis SECRETLY Targeted? – Feds Want Him Gone

(TheRedWire.com) – Political analysts and pundits have debated the politics of the evolving situation surrounding the August 8 raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home. On Friday, August 12, Piers Morgan appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” He hinted the political fallout could ultimately help President Joe Biden.

Morgan said it all comes down to what was in the boxes federal agents took from Trump’s possession. He stated it would be serious if the former president violated the Espionage Act and if not, it would only lend credibility to him and his supporters. They say the government continues to apply different standards between him and Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Hunter Biden. Still, the news personality told Maher the current occupant of the White House could be the real winner.

If the former head of state faces potential legal proceedings and Republicans nominate him, it could hurt his chances of winning the 2024 presidential election. Morgan said Biden would prefer to run against him and all his baggage over Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Fox News contributor stated the governor is younger, more dynamic, and doesn’t carry any trash to wield against him as the ex-president does.

It goes to prove that politics is a dirty game. Still, it might not be wise to count out Trump in this political environment.

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