Piers Morgan Says Kamala Harris Won’t Win in 2024

Piers Morgan Says Kamala Harris Won't Win in 2024

(TheRedWire.com) – A new USA Today-Suffolk University poll shows that Americans don’t approve of President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden’s approval rating is just 38%. That looks great compared to Harris’ 28% approval rating. Famed British journalist Piers Morgan may have some good news for Conservatives. Morgan says Biden and Harris make fools of themselves with every passing day and predicted matter will only get worse for the dynamic duo.

Morgan added Harris’s abysmal numbers make her the least popular vice-president in the last 50 years. Considering how poorly her presidential bid turned out, is it really a surprise? Harris was the first Democratic presidential candidate to drop out after failing to get above 4% approval and was unable to raise funds. As vice president, Morgan isn’t impressed. He said she’s the invisible woman after disappearing on illegal immigration while it runs rampantly out of control. Morgan also said Harris turned her back on Biden as the Afghanistan fiasco raged on, despite her claims it was a joint decision.

Additionally, Morgan said Biden learned nothing from the Virginia elections, and Democrats will get shellacked in the House in 2022. Regarding the 2024 election, the political pundit said it’s lights out for Biden and Harris. If Democrats want to win the White House in 2024, Morgan suggested they start looking for a new candidate before it’s too late. Biden could possibly push Harris out of office and replace her with a viable candidate who could win in 2024 as he goes off into the sunset, Morgan opined.

Is Piers Morgan right? What do you think?

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