Police Accidentally Release Murderer

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – On Wednesday, 28-year-old Kevin Mason, a murderer mistakenly released from a jail in Indiana, was found in Minnesota around two weeks after his release.

The United States Marshals Service apprehended Mason in St. Paul at around 2 p.m. Authorities revealed that a clerical error had led to Mason’s release. IN A STATEMENT, Kerry J. Forestal, the Marion County Sheriff, expressed gratitude for the work of the USMS which resulted in Mason being brought back into custody.

He added that throughout this process, their federal partners have provided assistance, updates, and resources for Mason to be pursued across the country and brought back in. Mason, held at the Adult Detention Center in Indianapolis, was released on Sept. 13, only a few days after he was arrested in connection to the 2021 killing of Dontevious Catchings in Minnesota. The state had three different warrants out for Mason.

However, a clerical error led to two of the holds being cleared by mistake. Minnesota also removed the last hold, unaware of the mistake regarding the other two. Within hours of Mason’s release, authorities became aware of the mistake but intentionally did not inform the public about the release for six days to maintain a tactical advantage.

Forestal revealed that Mason had received help from 29-year-old Desiree Oliver, who is believed to be his girlfriend, to avoid getting caught. Oliver has also been arrested on one count of assisting a criminal.

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