Potential Threats Spotted on US Soil After Biden Let Them In

Potential Threats Spotted on US Soil After Biden Let Them In

US Security May Be Compromised – Biden Let Them In!

(TheRedWire.com) – In April 2021, President Joe Biden ordered the full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11 of that year. His directive led to a hasty, botched pullout, complicated by the fact personnel had been stationed in the country for 20 years. Questions quickly arose regarding the vetting of Afghans allowed to enter the US, and sure enough, reports surfaced in November 2021 indicating an issue with as many as 82,000 evacuees.

As the first anniversary of that fiasco quickly approaches, a whistleblower alleged federal agencies permitted hundreds of people to enter the US they knew existed on watchlist databases and were threats to national security. In addition, the person stated supervisors urged government employees to cut corners in the vetting process.

Did The Government Lose Suspected Terrorists?

On February 15, a Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General report showed the Biden administration didn’t properly ensure refugee eligibility to enter the United States. It noted that 50 Afghans with “significant security concerns” had already entered the country, and most of them were likely tied to terrorist groups. Since arriving, most have disappeared.

If that wasn’t bad enough, new information is shedding light on an even bigger problem. On August 4, Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote the DoD Inspector General detailing what a Defense Department whistleblower shared with them. They said the revelations show the administration’s rush to pull out of the war-torn nation created a worse vetting crisis than the White House led the public to believe.

Despite appearing on the DoD’s Biometrically Enabled Watchlist, the government allowed 324 refugees to enter the US. The senators said analysts identified the defense risks and determined they were a threat or potential threat to US national security. Some known suspected terrorists are now a part of society as a result of that blunder.

Additionally, the whistleblower alleged political appointees at the National Security Council (NSC) and DoD ordered government employees to cut corners as they processed the evacuees while in Afghanistan. In addition, higher-ups also told the workers to abbreviate tests instead of conducting thorough reviews to rush the evacuations.

It’s Part of an Ongoing Pattern

In May, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Rob Portman (R-OH), and James Inhoff (R-OK) said the administration still refused to vet and screen people arriving from Afghanistan, despite warnings some had possible ties to terrorism. In June, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said those who had some support from terrorist groups could still qualify for entry.

Hawley and Johnson demanded the DoD inform them of how many total Afghans have been allowed into the interior of the US and how many of them showed up on the watch list or are suspected terrorists.

So, has America forgotten the lessons of 911 when it comes to screening individuals at the border?

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