Press Conference Halted After Protest Shooting Leaves 1 Dead

Press Conference Halted After Protest Shooting Leaves 1 Dead

( – In 2020 and early 2021, Antifa rocked the Portland, Oregon, community. For months, the violent extremist group targeted the Portland police station and the city’s federal courthouse. Citizens were reportedly alarmed as the violence went on day after day. Far-left Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the city did its best to protect the public. In September 2021, the mayor finally admitted the hands-off approach by police was the wrong strategy.

While not as numerous, anti-police protests still continue in one of America’s most liberal communities. Demonstrators across the country have been protesting the police shooting death of Amir Locke in Minneapolis in early February. Police shot and killed him during a no-knock raid police said was necessary for officer protection.

On Saturday, February 19, several shootings occurred in the Portland area. On Sunday, police attempted to conduct a press conference to update the public. Needless to say, the conference didn’t go well when Antifa made its presence known.

Violence Erupts With Few Answers

On Saturday, an altercation between an armed homeowner and an armed protestor led to the shooting of six people. One protestor died, and ambulances took five others to a hospital with undisclosed injuries. Police said the event was extremely chaotic, and witnesses were not cooperative with the investigation. Investigators say they’re trying to piece together what happened, but the situation was complex, with few answers.

The situation for police in Portland is very dangerous. On Thursday evening, a suspect shot at a police officer while the officer attempted to pull over a vehicle. The driver tried to escape to Vancouver, Washington, but police caught him on the other side of the bridge. Fortunately, the officer was uninjured in the shooting.

In a separate incident, police shot and killed a suspect who reportedly fired bullets into the air before police arrived at a domestic disturbance scene. No other information was readily available.

Police Conference Shut Down

On Sunday morning, Portland Police Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard attempted to update the media and the public about the three incidents. Unfortunately, a large angry crowd interrupted the Lieutenant, a Black man. A masked woman jumped in front of Sheppard, calling him a White supremacist killer, and alleged law enforcement kidnapped Antifa members.

As Lt. Sheppard attempted to leave the event, Antifa members gathered around his car and yelled obscenities at the police officer. They tried unsuccessfully to block his vehicle.

So, how much longer will liberal Portland excuse lawbreakers after allowing Antifa to run rampant for nearly two years?

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