Prisoner Attempts to Hire Cellmate to Commit Murder Upon Release

Prisoner Attempts to Hire Cellmate to Commit Murder Upon Release

( – Is it possible there are people in prison with a conscience? In 2019, Dongwook , a South Korean resident, attacked a teenage girl with a knife at a violin camp. In November, an Indiana judge sentenced the convicted felon to eight years of home detention, two years of probation afterward, and psychological treatment. Unfortunately for Ko, his ordeal wasn’t over. Immigration services picked up the criminal, revoked his residency visa, and ordered him deported.

While in jail, Ko stewed and came up with a way to get back at his accusers. The soon-to-be deportee tried to hire his cellmate to kill his victim’s parents, two prosecutors, defense witnesses, and a journalist. It appears the cellmate wasn’t on board, but Ko didn’t know that. The cellmate informed police of Ko’s intention to pay $20,000 for the killings, plus the man’s $2,500 bail so he could carry out his mission.

The unnamed cellmate wore a recording device to help investigators gather more information as Ko strategized a plan. Investigators allowed Ko to call his uncle to make the arrangements — except it wasn’t his uncle on the other end of the line. It was a sheriff’s department detective. Ko told them to start with the girl’s father and work their way down the list in order, and he provided detailed instructions.

Instead of being immediately deported, Ko will remain in prison awaiting a trial on murder conspiracy charges.

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