Professor Calls for Supreme Court Justice’s Early Death

Professor Calls for Supreme Court Justice's Early Death

( – One professor is learning the hard way that irresponsible things said in the past can impact the future. For decades, the politically correct climate was open season for many Liberals who despised intelligent Conservatives. Today, it’s evolving after Conservatives routinely call out the Left for their distasteful and hypocritical behavior.

Such is the case for an incoming professor of ethnic studies at Cal State University, Los Angeles. On November 4, 1994, on a PBS talk show, Julianne Malveaux stated she hoped Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas would die an early death.

Unfortunately, she was more descriptive and racist than that. Specifically, she said she hoped the Supreme Court justice’s wife would feed him eggs and butter so he would die an early death based on heart disease, as many black men do. In response, Thomas said he planned to live to be 120 years old to “frustrate liberals.”

Malveaux recently apologized for her statement. She said it took her 20 years to realize how her words might have harmed Justice Thomas and public discourse. Malveaux said she values civility, and her action was anything but civil. She added that she regretted her remark and that it was “ugly and unnecessary.”

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