Professor Defends Child Predators, Says They Should Be Destigmatized

Professor Defends Child Predators, Says They Should Be Destigmatized

Liberal Activist SIDES With Child Predators – Makes An Outrageous Request

( – As society progresses in what it defines as sexually acceptable, are the parameters going too far? On Monday, June 13, Reduxx reported that a professor in Norway claims society should destigmatize pedophilia. Ole Martin Moen, an ethics professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, said it is common for adults to find children sexually attractive, according to a paper he authored titled The Ethos of Pedophilia.

Moen asked whether pedophilia is wrong in that document. He also wrote about why society perceives it as wrong and ways it could be harmful. The professor argued that the practice is morally acceptable if an adult doesn’t harm a child. He then went on to say that he believes every person is a pedophile because we were all once children, and children express sexual desire for one another.

Moen also claimed it’s not enough to protect children by educating them about what to do if someone harms them. The professor believes high schools should also teach pedophiles the limits of what’s acceptable and how to handle their sexuality. Additionally, Moen stated that pedophiles should be allowed to watch child pornography if it is computer-generated pornography.

The professor claims it is unfair and unjust to condemn pedophiles, and that instead, society should praise them for their ability to refrain from having sexual contact with kids.

So, what do you think about the professor’s viewpoint?

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