Prominent Biden Official UNDER Fire After Felony Charges

Biden Official Makes History With a Felony Charge

Biden Official Who Made History Hit With a Felony Charge

( – A high-level government official appears to be in trouble with the law. Sam Brinton serves as the deputy assistant secretary for nuclear waste disposition and spent fuel at the Department of Energy. According to the New York Post, Brinton, who made history as the government’s first non-binary official, committed a felony in September when they allegedly took a piece of Vera Bradley luggage that didn’t belong to them at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Brinton first told police they would be happy to return the bag if they had taken the wrong one. Still, the DOE official told them they didn’t have clothes belonging to another individual and that their clothes were in the luggage they had opened. Two hours later, Brinton called the authorities back to confess their dishonesty. The official claimed they took the wrong bag by accident due to exhaustion.

Court papers noted airport surveillance cameras caught the Biden official’s behavior. The report said Brinton took a navy blue hard-sided roller bag and removed the tag. They then quickly left with it. Investigators captured the suspect on camera with the bag in Washington, DC, on September 18 and October 9.

Following the allegations, a Department of Energy spokesperson said the agency had placed Brinton on leave. Based on the value of the bag and its contents, police charged the official with felony theft. Brinton faces up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

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