Putin Issues Threat to His Own People

Putin Issues Threat to His Own People

(TheRedWire.com) – Could Russian President Vladimir Putin be his own worst enemy? Since Putin invaded Ukraine on February 7, he’s offered some outlandish claims. He’s accused Ukraine of succumbing to neo-Nazi rulers (despite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy being Jewish), the Pentagon of funding biological weapons labs, and Ukraine of committing genocide against its own citizens. With many Russians turning on his war in Ukraine, now he’s threatening his fellow Russians in the harshest of terms.

On Thursday, March 16, Putin warned Russia needed cleansing. The authoritarian leader made the statement against those who don’t support his war in Ukraine. The Russian president added there might need to be a necessary self-purification of Russian society to strengthen the country. It’s extreme rhetoric not heard since the days of the harsh leaders of the bygone Soviet era.

As resistance inside Russia has grown against the war, Putin blamed NATO for stirring up instigators to oppose actions he believes are moral and upright. He said Russians could tell the difference between true patriots and those who are “scum and traitors.” Putin then accused the West of creating civil unrest.

Putin’s declarations may indicate he’s about to increase his authoritarian rule over Russia. Since February 24, he’s shut down any semblance of free speech or media freedoms and begun arresting protestors.

Will things worsen in Russia for those who voice disagreement with Putin’s war on Ukraine?

Stay tuned.

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