Putin Reportedly Being Given Bad Intel From Insiders

Putin Reportedly Being Given Bad Intel From Insiders

(TheRedWire.com) – Russia invaded Ukraine and began a brutal war on Ukrainian cities and civilians on February 24. Despite Russia’s destructive military force, it’s debatable whether President Vladimir Putin has met the goals he set out before the invasion. Outside of eastern Ukraine, the Russian military has failed to conquer Kyiv and other large cities, and the Ukrainians put up a more vigorous fight than Russia expected.

On Wednesday, March 30, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield told reporters the US government received information Putin feels misled by his military commanders. Bedingfield said the betrayal has led to tensions between Putin and military brass. The White House director added the poor military performance and frustrations over the crippling sanctions are striking fear into Putin’s senior advisors, who are deathly afraid to tell him the truth.

Ordinarily, the US doesn’t openly share intelligence information. Yet, leading up to Russia’s invasion, the Biden administration has openly talked about Russia’s plans before implementing them in hopes it would deter his behavior. In this case, the White House hopes publicly discussing Russian intelligence will plant seeds of friction inside the military and between senior Russian leaders. Ultimately, Bedingfield said it could make Putin think twice about who he can trust.

Stay tuned. The Russian war on Ukraine is a developing story.

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