Putin Threatens the United States

Putin Threatens the United States

(TheRedWire.com) – The high-stakes threat of war is looming as Russia continues to threaten Ukraine with invasion. Over the last several weeks, the United States and Russia have tried to find a compromise to ease tensions along the Ukrainian and Russian border. Ukraine and several other former Soviet bloc countries have sought to become members of NATO. Russia says that is unacceptable. Now, war could break out any moment.

On Wednesday, January 26, Russia warned if the US continues its aggressive policies towards Russia and rejects its security demands, there could be “retaliatory” measures. Russia continues to deny any intention to invade Ukraine as its words and actions appear in conflict. Over 100,000 Russian soldiers have massed along the border, and it’s growing along with the increasing list of military hardware.

Western allies, including the United States, continue to reject Russian President Vladimir Putin’s demands. Foreign affairs experts expect them to deny Russia’s position again on Friday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says time is running out on the West, and Russia won’t continue in endless conversations forever.

On Wednesday, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba downplayed the threat of a Russian invasion. He said there were too many missing military pieces and not enough soldiers at this point for Russia to mount a full-scale invasion. Kuleba said he believes Russia’s end game is to spread panic, harm Ukraine’s financial system through the threat of aggression, and launch cyberattacks on his country’s infrastructure.

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