Putin Unleashes FLURRY Of Kamikaze Attacks – Shows NO Mercy

Kamikaze Drones Attack Kyiv - Civilians Terrified

Kamikaze Drones Attack Kyiv – Civilians Terrified

(TheRedWire.com) – In February, US intelligence agencies believed if Russia attacked Ukraine, it would be a swift and decisive invasion. It hasn’t turned out the way many expected. Nearly eight months after Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted his “special operation,” a resolution to the conflict seems farther away than ever. In recent weeks, the Russian army has lost captured ground, Putin has made nuclear threats, and Ukrainian authorities have reported the discovery of mass graves and torture chambers.

On Monday, October 17, a new development arose in the conflict. Russia launched 28 “kamikaze” drones on Kyiv, killing four people. Ukraine said the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were Iranian-made. Soon after the drone raid, The Guardian shared the reaction and response of Ukrainian citizens, terrified by the attack.

Kyiv Citizens Terrified

Previously, Russia had attacked Ukraine’s capital with cruise missiles. Now, they’re using drones that can more accurately hit specific targets using GPS systems. As the UAVs flew overhead and hit numerous targets, including a partially collapsed apartment building, soldiers attempted to destroy the remote aerial devices. Others ran for cover.

The Guardian captured the terror as reporter Daniel Boffey experienced the raid along with city residents. Boffey wrote that a “sense of fatalism” took over. Military personnel and police tried to destroy the drones with AK-47s, and the noise from the devices hit their targets. People quickly realized their danger as the fire raged with each targeted hit.

As the UAVs struck the train station, Boffey reported those inside found their way to underpasses between the platforms. Parents tried to distract their children with toys. Others prayed. Some panicked.

Boffey shared that Halyna Stefanova and her elderly mother barely survived the partial collapse of their apartment building after a strike. They said windows blew out of a bedroom, and thick smoke disoriented them as the mother began to suffocate. Fortunately, they escaped down an emergency exit. Still, four others didn’t survive.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko spoke with the media outside the heavily damaged apartment building. He said many more people could have died. He noted five drones exploded in the city, and defense forces shot down the others. The mayor said the Russians wanted to create a humanitarian disaster.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser at Ukraine’s ministry for internal affairs, told citizens who own guns prepare to use them to shoot down future drone attacks.

Iran Denies Involvement

Ukraine said the Russians used Iranian Shahed-136 attack drones. On Tuesday, Kyiv terminated its relationship with Iran. Yet, Tehran denied supplying Moscow with the UAVs. Initially, Russia used the drones in September to strike Ukrainian military targets on the front lines. Weeks later, it used them to attack targets in other regions of the country.

The Ukrainian military said the drone formation looked like a single plane on radar. Yet, there were actually five of them. Officials say they are so small it was impossible to shoot them all down.

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