Putin Will Not Reach “Ceasefire” With Ukraine

Putin Will Not Reach

(TheRedWire.com) – Ukraine is anxiously seeking a ceasefire from Russia. The first round of meetings didn’t produce results. In fact, Kremlin forces bombed Ukrainian cities as officials met. Still, the embattled countries met again.

The second peace talks on March 3 occurred while Russia continued to escalate its moves in Ukraine, and they ended the same as the first, with no agreement. Ukrainian officials desperately wish to end the occupation of their country, but Russia is showing no interest in stopping its aggression.

According to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Russian delegation submitted its demands to the Ukrainians before the meeting and expected to discuss them once they sat down together. He made it clear the military would not back down despite continuing talks between the two nations.

Lavrov claims Russia wants peace but also demands respect. He spoke about how the Ukrainian military is threatening Russia and the Kremlin’s disdain for NATO expansion as reasons the country refuses to back down.

Ukrainian officials said they were open to negotiations but would not agree to Russian ultimatums.

The failed meeting changes very little. Russia continues its trek further into Ukraine, capturing cities and bombing areas populated with civilians, and Ukrainians continue to resist against the onslaught.

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