Queen Elizabeth Health Scare Shocks the World

Queen Elizabeth Health Scare Shocks the World

(TheRedWire.com) – Queen Elizabeth II has reigned on the throne for over 70 years. At 95, she is the oldest and longest-serving British monarch in history. Throughout all the years, she has remained very healthy.

On Sunday, February 20, Buckingham Palace reported the monarch tested positive for COVID-19, news that shocked the world. Two weeks earlier, testing confirmed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, had the virus.

The palace said the Queen was experiencing mild symptoms and receiving the best medical care following appropriate guidelines. Officials say Her Majesty would continue carrying out light duties. Still, the news put a damper on the Platinum Jubilee year as the country prepares to celebrate her 96-birthday in two months.

In January 2021, the Queen received her first COVID-19 vaccine dose and is now triple vaccinated. Although advanced in age, the Queen ordinarily fulfills many official duties. Still, it’s not Queen Elizabeth’s first health scare over the last several months. Prince Charles would ascend to the throne as the next King if the Queen were to pass away. He’s not nearly as popular as his mother. Questions abound about Charles’ ability to unify the royal family as Queen Elizabeth has.

If the Queen can’t serve in her formal capacity because of illness, then four senior royal members of the family may act as Counsellors of State to act on her behalf temporarily. The current Counsellors of State are the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles), the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William), the Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) and the Duke of York (Prince Andrew).

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