Radical Leftists Are Trying To Get Fox News’ Advertising Cancelled

Radical Leftists Are Trying To Get Fox News' Advertising Cancelled

Fox News CANCELLATION Bombshell – It’s Not A Rumor

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last several decades, far-left groups have targeted companies that advertised on conservative Fox News shows. As America continues to divide more along ideological lines between the far-Left and Conservatives, and Democrats realize they may lose Congress this fall, activist groups are stepping up their pressure campaigns.

Democrats are trying to make hay over their January 6 committee hearings, and the left-wing watchdog group, Check My Ads, is planning a carefully orchestrated attempt to force advertisers off the Fox News website and its YouTube channel. Instead of calling for a boycott against Fox News advertisers, organizers say they plan to go after online exchanges that funnel ads to websites. Check My Ads successfully cut off digital ads to Dan Bongino, among others, so they think they can go after the largest elephant in the room: Fox News.

Large companies like Google operate ad exchanges, which act as a middleman between companies placing ads and websites that promote their product or service. Check My Ads believes if they can prove that Fox News airs provably false content or content that promotes overthrowing the government or glorifying violence, they can get the ad exchanges to blacklist Fox News.

Regardless, Fox News officials doubled down and said the media company is proud to offer dissenting voices. They said the activists’ attempt to go after ad exchanges is nothing more than censorship and that, if successful, the left-wing group poses a significant threat to democracy and freedom of speech.

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