Record Number of People Exercised Their 2nd Amendment Rights in 2020

Record Number of People Exercised Their 2nd Amendment Rights in 2020

( – As Americans experienced lockdowns, protests, and riots, many people went to the gun store. In 2020, firearm purchases shattered records. Gun sales exceeded 2019’s totals by 60% and exceeded record highs set in 2016 by 34%. A record 8 million people bought a gun for the first time.

While gun ownership grew in 2020, in two states, it’s becoming easier to own and carry a gun in 2021.

Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine (R) signed a law that reversed “stand your ground” legislation. In the previous law, a victim of a crime must retreat before protecting themselves. Law-abiding gun owners could have found themselves on legally dangerous ground.

In Montana, legislation is being considered that would expand where and how people can carry firearms. Some legislatures believe evidence exists that “gun-free” zones empower bad actors while law-abiding citizens have no means to protect themselves. If approved, the bill would allow people to carry a concealed gun without a permit, including inside public and government-run facilities.

While some state legislatures and governors are trying to make it harder to exercise Second Amendment rights, others are headed in the opposite direction. Perhaps 2021 will be another great year for the Constitution and your rights despite a potentially hostile new administration?

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